Our Services

Network Marketing Leads.

We spend a substantial amount of time and money, generating quality Network Marketing Leads. Our Network Marketing leads are composed of prospective clients who have followed up in response to our National Advertising Campaigns. At GenerationX Solutions Canada, we produce responsive and targeted Network Marketing Leads and at competitive prices.
Education Leads.

GenerationX Solutions Canada connects aspiring students with colleges worldwide.

Government Grant Leads.

Ordinary people and businesses all across the United States are receiving millions of dollars from federal government. GenerationX Solutions Canada, leverages its marketing expertise to bridge the gap between interested consumers and the experts who can guide the interested parties and take advantage of these offers.

Email Marketing.

By utilizing our breakthrough technology, GenerationX Solutions Canada is able to broadcast simple Text or colorful and dynamic solo HTML email advertisements to millions of individual, Optin contacts. Our technology confirms that your marketing message reaches the inbox and avoids the junk folder.

Email Lists.

GenerationX Solutions Canada is the internet’s BEST Source for Opt-In Email Prospect Lists. Inject new energy back into your business and contact much more targeted prospective clients by purchasing custom tailored lists.